IJB-Net Activities (1October2018)

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3. (1) Business Matching and Visiting To be held periodically both in Indonesia and Japan as needed. G to G meeting Campus visit Company visit Plantation visit Business matching

6. (4) Development of E - commerce To Promote Export Collaborated with system developer company, association of SMEs and related institutions, IJB - Net develop “Export Portal” based on PC and mobile phone (to be released by mid of 2019). Mainly, the applications will support SMEs and suppliers in Indonesia to find buyers and reach the export markets. IJB - Net will support not only for promotion, but also providing documents, certifications, improve the products and packages as needed. For the first time, products of chicken meat from Indonesia could be exported to Japan in April 2018. IJB - Net has supported to found the buyer and filled the procedures to enter Japan market. E - commerce of export products is under development

4. (2) Promote Japan Technologies and Products * Retaining wall TUPRO (adopted from Japan, currently 100 % has been produced in Indonesia) * Rock splitter, wastewater treatment, grounding improvement, safety net, LED, recycle tech. etc. Retaining wall TUPRO in BOCIMI Highway Project LED Lamps for out side and factory Rock splitter HIRADO Safety net MAEDA - KOSEN Portable Wastewater Treatment BIO - TANK Grounding Improvement ECO - GEO

1. Secretariate : Gedung Kemenperin RI Lantai 7, Jalan Gatot Subroto Kav 52 - 53,Jakarta 12950, Indonesia (Kantor KINAS/ Komite Industri Nasional) Telp : +62 - 21 - 8273 - 5305/ HP&WA: +62 - 811 - 168 - 5755 Email: suyoto@proanda.co.id ; Website: www.ijb - net.org Main Activities of Indonesia Japan Business Network (As October 1, 2018) INDONESIA - JAPAN BUSINESS NETWORK

2. Activities Per Division Division 1 (Promotion of Business Collaboration) • Business matching and visiting • List - up of candidate partner companies • Sister - city, sister - campus etc. Division 2 (Promotion of Applicative Technologies) • Japanese technologies/ products • Indonesia technologies/ products • Others. Division 3 (Industrial Supporting) • Consulting and training of lean mfg. • Manage “ monozukuri class” collaborate with universities. • Develop Indonesia Monozukuri Center collaborate with MOI and others. Division 4 (Promotion of Indonesian Products) • Workshop and consulting export. • Develop e - commerce portal to promote Indonesia products. • List - up good suppliers and good buyers, specially in Indonesia and Japan. [Note] Availability and starting of each activities will be update periodically at www.ijb - net.org

5. (3) Development of Indonesia Monozukuri Center To support MOI promote industry 4.0 and upgrade level of manufacturing technologies in Indonesia. The location is under consideration. Collaboration with Indonesia • Academic • Government • Industry • Association • Media/ Community Collaboration with Japan • Academic • Government • Industry • Association • Media/ Community IMC/ Indonesia Monozukuri Center (Supporting MOI to promote Industry 4.0) ・ Optimum line design utilizing AI ・ Efficient production by robot & human coexistence ・ Sharing production know - how utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology ・ Working practice using Virtual reality (VR) technology In - factory condition, disaster information etc. dedicated signage & application to protect employee’s safety, ・ Communication network in which information leakage impossible ・ Using IoT / AI to support efficiency of factory management and improvement. Business Models and Target of Starting: 1. Installation of automation machines and/ or IoT application in industries (Start in Apr 2019). 2. Supporting KAIZEN activities and improvement of lean manufacturing (Start in Apr 2019). 3. Consultant, seminar, training, workshop, certification related manufacturing (Start in Apr 2019). 4. Manage “ monozukuri class” at UNSIKA and/ or other collaborated universities (Start in Sep 2019). 5. Controlling factories inside and/ or outside IMC on consignment (Start in Apr 2020). 6. Support RDD to surround industries collaborated with universities and institutions (Start in Apr 2020). 7. Show room of advanced manufacturing technologies of Japanese manufacturers etc (Start in Apr 2021). Monozukuri : culture, philosophy and technique related Japanese manufacturing system.

7. 7 Place/ Date of Born: Tuban , Jawa Timur / 15 Oktober 1966 Last Graduated Univeresity : Doctoral Program of Osaka Prefecture University (1999) Manufacturing System Engineering Work Experiences: * BPP Teknologi / Jakarta (1991 - 1993) * DENSO Corp./ Nagoya (1999 - 2008; 3 Years Research for IMS - Japan) * Sumitomo Electric Ind. and other Japan companies (2008 - 2016) * Founder and CEO PT Proanda Sinergi Indonesia (Sep 2016 – current) Duration Live in Japan: More than 25 years (study 10 years & work 17 years, included expatriate period in Czech, China, Thailand and Indonesia). * Holder of Permanent Resident Visa in Japan. Business Activities: * Patent holder of TUPRO (retaining wall adopted from Japan. Have been applied on Projects of Toll, factories, rivers et.). * Sole distributor of Automotive Bulb, Rock Splitter, Safety Net etc. * Consultant of Fukuoka Prefecture Gov. to promote business collaboration with Indonesia (Nov 2017 - current). * Consultant of JICA to support BAPPENAS & MOI to establish KINAS (National Industry Committee) to promote “Globally Competitive Industry and Industry 4.0 in Indonesia” (Mar 2018 – current). Social Activities: * Writer of the Best Seller Book “ Seindah Sakura Di Langit Nusantara” ( Penebar Plus/ 2015). * Member of Expert Board of IABIE ( Ikatan Alumni Program Habibie). * Established Formasi - G in Dec 2015 (reorganized as IJB - Net and have been launched at MOI Jakarta on Aug 8, 2018). Sekitar 20 tahun bekerja di perusahaan Jepang , sempat mendudukui posisi direktur di kantor pusat dan ditugaskan sebagai ekspatriat di China, Ceko , Thailand dan terakhir di Indonesia. Mei 2016 mendirikan PSI/ PT Proanda Sinergi Indonesia bersama para pengurus Formasi - G dengan produk - produk andalannya dari hasil kolaborasi dengan Jepang . Melalui IJB - Net ini , Suyoto ingin berbagi pengalaman berkolaborasi dengan Jepang dan siap menjalankan aktivitas sosial dan bisnis bersama - sama . Niat yang sama juga dimiliki para pengurus lainnya , dan profil masing - masing pengurus akan dirilis di website. Artikel terkait Suyoto bisa dicari di Google dan lain - lain dengan keyword “Suyoto Rais”. Salah satunya tulisan Pak Dahlan Iskan di Jawa Pos berikut . https:// www.jawapos.com/read/2015/12/28/14544/curhat - dr - suyoto - setelah - gagal - di - putra - petir Profile of Founder and Chairman of IJB - Net Dr. Suyoto Rais


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